Can someone explain/help repair this behavior?

I’m currently running the Roon core on a NUC and remotes on several PCs and iOS devices. When I first started, I was running Roon core on my laptop. Back then I was using an organized folder. After I switched the core over to the server, I continued using an organized folder for a while to facilitate file transfer through the RoonRemote interface. However, when I moved the core over to the NUC, I also transferred the Roon directory from my laptop to the NUC and made it a watched folder; the organized folder was now RoonServer. More recently I switched to watched folders only; I moved the RoonServer contents over into a new folder called RoonServer-watched, but I kept the watched Roon directory. (I also still have a vestigial iTunes directory, also watched.)

Possibly relevant: Roon is installed on the server but not running. I started it up just a few minutes ago to make sure the Roon directory was disabled. It was indeed disabled.

For no particular reason, I’ve started moving music from the old Roon folder on the NUC into the RoonServer_watched folder. Unfortunately, some of the music in that folder just won’t go. I’ve seen two distinct behaviors: Sometimes Finder (on my MacBook pro, which I’m using to manage these transfers remotely) asks me for a password. When I enter it everything seems fine, but then nothing happens; the folder isn’t moved. Other times there’s no prompt and the move seems successful, but then it pops back up again in the original place, as though Roon is somehow managing it. But consider that Roon isn’t running, and anyway the Roon folder has been disabled; it is neither organized nor watched.

So, what’a happening and how can I fix it?