Can someone help to identify what is this?

At the top right of the ROON forum home screen Sits my profile picture and at around the 11 o’clock position is a green circle with the number one in it.
What does this signify and why?

Click on your profile picture to find out. (Most likely a PM)

I am such a plum, it was a bookmark reminder i set way back. I have not been here for weeks and forgot.
I really do feel bloody stupid now.
Thanks though

Bookmark reminders are quite new I think, and introduced when the Discourse forum software was updated recently. Numbers attached to your icon are not new however, and indicate a post reply/watched post activity or a PM.

Definitely new.

I now remember setting the bookmark, its just i had never seen anything but the comments against posts previously collated into number bubbles on the right side of the photograph.
It’s new to me anyway.