Can Sonos products be controlled entirely from Roon?

Hello Sonos and Roon users,

I am interested in Sonos as a replacement for one of the Squeezeboxen (the SB Radio, which still works, but I am fearful of when it doesn’t, so I figure I might as well start looking.)

One thing that I am not at all interested in, is using Alexa or any other Sonos software with these Wifi powered speakers. I want to connect the speaker to my Wifi, and then control it with Roon. No junk software and no voice control.

The question is: am I forced to install Sonos apps somewhere to get the unit to 1) install intialy (I assume yes) but also do I need to 2) keep using Sonos software to keep using the product? I just want to use Roon.

Thnx for the input.

This thread has some info in it. I have a ZP 90 Connect and it works via Roon controller.

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Thanks for the link.


Feb '17

I just bought a PLAY:1 to use with Roon. Getting it up and running was just as easy as an Airplay device. Once the :1 was on the network, it showed up in Roon right away with no issues whatsoever.

It would seem then, that you set up your Sonos with the Sonos app, and then you don’t need the app/software at all anymore, it is completely managed by Roon directly.

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I bought the Sonos rig (used to have 2) in 2011. Started Roon in 2016. I think I’ve updated the Sonos stuff a couple of times. The Sonos doesn’t get used much, but Roon controls it nicely. It’s more of an Airplay type setup, no high-res capability. It’s all by itself in the player groupings. Pictured. If I wanted to use iheart radio or something like that, I’d use the actual Sonos app. …

Very interesting to see how they connect.

Yeah, it’s not on my list as a real Hifi stereo (I have a HifiBerry DAC + Pro XLR (I see you have a HifeBerry as well) going into Hypex NC400 monoblocks - that is, for me, real Hifi) but there are few current options for plug in selfcontained powered speakers controlled with Roon (I’m in two other threads dealing with this issue - the lack of effective SqueezeBox replacements is being felt it seems.)

The Bryston BDPs are Roon and Squeezebox capable. I have two BDP-1s. Just added a second one. Great Roon endpoint. They only show up in the Roon settings audio screen when powered up. Used the BDP-1 in Squeezelite mode prior to being Roon certified. Sounded pretty good that way. Use them mostly in Roon Ready or MPD mode (attached drive). Used BDP-1s are pretty reasonably priced. A later version BDP-2 would better if you listened mostly to MPD. Any technical questions Bryston can answer, even on older equipment. They warranty their amps for twenty years…

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Excellent suggestion! I’ll have a look.

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There are some “forums” articles on using BDPs with LMS. If you want to be certain on compatibility with your setup, give Bryston a call in GTA. Chris or Mike…great support. I only used the BDP-1 with the Roon Squeezebox option prior to the device being certified.

You still need the Sonos app to apply firmware updates. You also need the Sonos app to adjust any speaker settings, though you could duplicate most of them using the DSP Engine in Roon (e.g., balance, EQ and the like).

The main “day to day” Sonos feature that most third-party apps don’t support is speaker grouping management. Roon, however, DOES support this. So for playback purposes, you can mainly stick to just Roon.

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