Can’t connect to Node 2 (or Oppo 205)

I can’t get Roon to see either of these two devices. I saw another thread that said a computer must be running as a core.

So I have to have a computer on all the time run Roon with the node 2?

I thought that the node would act as a core?

I just dl’d the software on my iPad . It cannot find either my Oppo 205 or my node 2. Entered an IP address and still no joy.

Can you help?

Hi George,

Yes – you will need a computer (running Windows, macOS or Linux) or a suitable NAS to run Roon Core.

The Core is like the heart and brains of your Roon setup. These links explain the Roon architecture:

I thought that the OPPO or Bluesound Node could be operated as a core.

If I have to keep a computer running all the time that might be a deal killer.

Do I understand you answer correctly? Sorry to restate this but I want to make sure.

Thank you,


Reading your reply again I could use the NAS drive that is connected to my router. I will try that.

Neither the Oppo nor the Bluesound can be used as a core.