Can’t connect to Roon Core with front end on PC

Okay so this is weird.

I have a Beelink S12 running as my Roon Server connected via Wi-Fi running Windows 11.

My main PC won’t connect as a remote. It tries to connect to the server and has a red dot next to it. Keeps trying, but says connection failed.

Here’s the weird thing. I have Roon Bridge on my main PC and I can select it as an audio output using the Roon Remote app on my phone.

I would like to be able to use my main PC as a remote also, but for now I can’t. Main PC is hardwired, but the server is Wi-Fi because I can’t get a Ethernet connection into the listening space.

Any thoughts?

Well now everything is working just fine. This has to be a nordVPN issue. Hopefully it stays working