Can’t copy Qobuz .flac files to NUC storage disc—Seems to be a NUC/ROCK permissions problem?

Apologies if I’m in the wrong forum. This seems to be a crossover issue.

Problem: I am unable to copy .flac files purchased from Qobuz to the SSD storage drive on my Intel NUC with ROCK installed and running with no other problems.

Setup: Roon Core and ROCK installed on an Intel NUC 10i7FNH, 256gb RAM. 4TB WD SSD drive with maybe 500 GB in use. Disc is not partitioned. NUC connected to LAN via Ethernet direct into router. (A Google Nest mesh system, off of an Arris docsis 3.1 cable modem.)

Music purchased from Qobuz. Downloaded in .flac format in .tar compression and unzipped on my iMac. iMac accesses Roon Core via wifi. No issues accessing Roon Core with any device or endpoint, which, in addition to the iMac, currently includes a Bluesound Node 2i, 2 iPads and iPhone.

After I download and unzip the file, I try to add it to the Roon storage disc by simple drag and drop, but Console opens up automatically, and spits out error messages saying that “files do not exist.” (I would attach a screenshot, but don’t seem to have that ability while creating this post.) But I am able to move them around on my iMac and it’s various external SSD’s with no problems. I have checked permissions on the SSD, at least insofar as Finder is able to correctly analyze that, and read/write is permitted for all users.

While troubleshooting, I also tried to copy a generic .m4p file to the same drive, but when I do THAT I’m told I don’t have sufficient privileges. But, of course, only after putting my creds in. Oddly, when it requests permissions with the .m4p file it does that with Finder, asking for my normal iMac user creds, even though I am accessing ROCK and its storage as a “guest.”

This sounds like typical Apple permissions BS except for the part telling me that the .flac files don’t exist. Yes, they do. And accessing the ROCK storage through iMac for .m4p files, but as a guest for .flac files…which “don’t exist” no matter what the permissions settings are.

I disconnected the WD SSD from the NUC and connected to the iMac. Fully able to add, delete, move, any files on that drive when it’s connected to the iMac. Permissions settings are identical no matter whether I’m accessing it through the NUC or through the iMac.

Additional fact: WD SSD is formatted in MAC OS-EXTENDED. I don’t know enough about that subject to know if that could be the culprit.

Does sound like a permissions thing. Likely Roon can read a mac drive but not write to them. Found that this exFAT is the recommended file system to use due to cross platform ease of use.

Yes, that is probably the issue. From the support FAQs

Note that HFS/HFS+ (also known as “Mac OS Journaled”) is read-only

You can either reformat that drive and re-copy the music to it, or, if it was me, I’d get a new drive, format it in exFat and then copy the music to that. That way you have a backup.

Sounds like that is the most likely issue.

Thanks. What a PITA.

If the internal drive is NOT initialized through ROCK WebGUI, it’is not usable for Roon i suppose?
(and most likely the weird issues you are seeing)

Progress report for those following along at home. I reformatted the WD drive in ex-fat, and reloaded it with what was there. I can write to it now, but darned if Roon is not seeing the local HD files that I had purchased from Qobuz and loaded on to it after reformatting. I can see, move, delete, etc. them in Finder but Roon isn’t recognizing them. Yet. I’ll have this sorted out by the end of the weekend I promise.