Can the internal drive of ROCK hold music files?

Hi I’m new to roon, so I guess this question was asked many times, but i was unable to find the answer.

I have installed ROCK on my mini pc that has a large SSD, i was hoping to be able to use this disc for both storing music files and running the ROCK.

Is there a way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.

The internal drive that hosts ROCK is not meant to be used for music storage as well.
That is best done with a separate internal drive if there is room or an external USB drive for example.

All that ROCK really needed was a 128gb drive for it’s installation.

Take a look at this for info:

Here is a snip from that page that answers you question:

You may also want to look at the second to last section on that page.

Thanks guys, I understand, but was hoping there is some workaround.

No workaround because the OS is locked down and unaccessible by users. I would drop ROCK and load Linux. Then you can use your whole hard drive.

Mini PC? Fyi, Rock is only officially supported when installed on the Intel NUCs in the specified hardware list.

You can put anything you want into the OS drive, but you will lose it if ROCK is updated. Don’t know what will happen if ROCK is rebooted.

As a test, I defined a new folder there.

It’s stupid to put anything out there, other than the Roon sanctioned codecs, and especially stupid to put music files out there.

If you can put a 2nd drive in your PC, then get a very small drive, 128GB will do, to put ROCK on and use your bigger drive as a 2nd drive for your music files.