Can the Roon Core and the "playing" computer be 2 distinct machines in different rooms?

I hope this is not too much of a newbee question.
Here is my setup:
Small Green Computers CAPSv3 (atom, 4Gb ram, 64gb SSD) running Windows server 2012 R2 with Highend-AudioPC script: Audiophile Optimizer v1.3. I run it in core mode and the music server software is JRiver 20 that I control either from a laptop or an iDevice via JRemote.
The music is on a QNAP NAS, in another room, 50K songs more or less 4K albums. This absolutely silent setup is in a dedicated listening room.

Can I run the Core part of Roon in my office (server room) and send the music to the CAPSv3 computer? This way the hard work would be done by the server (Intel i7-4790K, 16gb) and the CAPSv3 would just receive the data from the ethernet and send it to the USB (SOtM) port. The USB driver is the one for the EMMLabs DAC2X.

In other words, is there a “client” or “renderer” part to the Roon software that could accomplish that task?

If there’s something I don’t understand right, explanations are welcome.

I would really like to avoid replacing the small CAPS server, (When it ain’t broken, don’t try to fix-it) but I would really like to be able to enjoy the metadata on an iPad while listening.

From what I read here and there, the CAPS server would not be powerful enough to run the Core part of Roon. The idea was to keep it do the least possible.

Thanks for taking the time to clarify the possibilities, Any help is more than welcome.


Hi LouisD,

In the (very) near future, Roon 1.2 will be released (release candidate builds are currently being bashed on by testers) and it will include a small footprint program called “RoonBridge” that can run on your CAPS and expose it’s Outputs as network zones to any Roon Control.

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Thanks for the prompt answer.
This is great news! Looks like exactly what I need to stretch the life of my otherwise excellent music server. Just to start dreaming, (and saving), how long is “the (very) near future”? :slight_smile:

There is no fixed time. The Quality Control procedures for new releases are iterative. Bugs are identified and squashed, new builds written and tested for regressions or unintended consequences, rinse and repeat.

When the frequency of issues drops to very low thresholds then builds designated as release candidates are taken out the back and thoroughly gone over with baseball bats by a crack team of psychotic alpha testers until they break or remain standing. That is the very last phase before a release. A build that survives that process may have it’s hair combed or a little lipstick, but will be basically ready for release to polite society.


Hi Louis,

Just a note re your comment about saving. There is no extra charge for RoonBridge, it will be available as part of our usual Roon subscription, whether annual or lifetime.

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