Can the Roon window be made smaller (Mac, PC)

Would it be possible to make a much smaller window of the Roon app on a PC (or Mac, in my case)? I just need it to be on the screen showing what"s playing. No need for artwork and descriptions. Like the iTunes minimal window.

This is a feature request, so I’ve moved your post. Note that Roon is shown in the notifications area on a Mac.

OK, thanks!

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Interestingly I purchased an iMac 27" last September but have never been able to get this feature to work!.

It should be under the Today section.

All this time I was trying to get the info to display on the Notifications screen :unamused:. Good job we have members who know what they are doing and not Numb Nuts like me :blush:.

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OK, but that isn’t what I was requesting. I would really like the Roon window to be visible on my desktop permanently, but smaller - just showing the essentials. Like Music (iTunes) does.Now it’s taking a lot of screen real state…

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