Can we get some scroll bars?

Could we get some scroll bars? For example, in album view on my Mac, there are none, so for an album with many tracks, mousing long distances up and down gets tedious. Works great in My Albums view—I’m referring to an individual album. Thank you in advance for the consideration.

I agree on that!

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In box sets, this would be a boon - and if the scroll action would highlight the disc number (as the Album browser highlights the alphabet listing), that would be icing on the cake…

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As I was manually scrolling through a 60-CD boxset I had recently imported, I found myself really wanting a Scroll Bar that would allow me to move more quickly through the tracks. True, I could narrow the search by selecting an individual disc to display, but the scroll bar would have been more efficient, methinks.

That’s it. No biggie.

Just FYI there are lots of topics and existing feature requests for missing scroll bars. They seem to have gone randomly missing with the update to Roon 1.8

That’s one of the nicest chastizing one can get. I will research before adding my voice. Promise.

Not meant as a chastising :slight_smile: More a hint to moderators if they want to merge with existing requests and to Roon in the hope that they will clean up this mess some time