Can we improve metadata for box sets

I know this is a pretty difficult nut to crack but it would be helpful if information specific to individual discs within box sets could be displayed. Right now with multi-disc sets there is no way to know what Disc 3 is for example other than by looking at the tracks. But the tracks don’t necessarily tell the whole story. What if data in brackets following the disc number in metadata could be used as a display field? Let me use a couple of examples to explain. One would be a multi-album collection like David Bowie’s Five Years. Right now you would have an album called Five Years and the Disc 1, Disc 2, etc. What if you did something like this in the metadata for album name:
Five Years - Disc 3 [Hunky Dory]. Right now, any information in brackets after the Disc # seems to be ignored. Could Roon look for that data in brackets following the Disc # and use it on the display for that specific Disc within the set. Another example is expanded versions of records. For example I have quite a few “deluxe” versions of albums where there might be three discs, one being the original album, another being singles, b-sides and remixes, and a third disc might be a live set. Again as it stands now all you can see is Disc 1, Disc 2 and Disc 3. If you used the method described above you could make the display more user friendly. Here’s an example:
The Fall
This Nation’s Saving Grace [Omnibus Edition] - Disc 1 [Original Album]
This Nation’s Saving Grace [Omnibus Edition] - Disc 2 [Singles & B-Sides]
This Nation’s Saving Grace [Omnibus Edition] - Disc 3 [Live Concert]

Right now, Roon will pick up the data in the brackets following the album name and correctly identify the album as the Omnibus Edition, but it doesn’t pick up the data in the brackets following the Disc # which would provide more information about the content of the specific disc within the set. That would be very helpful to users who would immediately know that Disc 2 is singles and b-sides or Disc 3 is a live concert.
I don’t know if this can be achieved but in the Interest of always trying to make Roon better this would be my request.

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Improving multi-disc sets has been much discussed. It would be nice to have discs identified beyond “Disc 1”, etc. It would also be nice to individual discs to have individual artwork and pdfs. I’ve also noted individual discs may be identified; but become unidentified when merged (to fit things nicely on the iPad display, it would be nice to merge, for example, Mozart Piano music by the same performer - however, doing so at present loses disc identification.