Can Windows Volume Control control Roon volume?

@support I’d like to pose the same question as the title: is there a way to let the Roon volume be set through the Windows volume control, like the play/pause function can be controlled with the play/pause buttons on my Windows keyboard?

Windows volume control works for me via keyboard buttons and task bar volume icon

I probably should have added I’m only using my Windows computer as a controller. Playback is from a separate device connected to my DAC. It sounds like you might be playing back from your Windows machine?

Harmony remote can do this.

That could be the solution I need. I have a harmony hub, but I didn’t think it could control the volume in Roon. Could you tell me how to set it up?

You mentioned you are using a separate device for playback? Is it an amp with a remote? If so, when you set up the activity in harmony, add the pc (may have to call it a media center if using infrared or pc if using bluetooth) and the amp to the activity. Harmony will ask which device is used to play music, tell it pc, and which device controls volume, tell it the amp. Then it can send play/pause/skip remote commands to the pc/roon and volume up/down commands to the amp separately.

That makes sense, thanks, but I’m controlling volume a different way. I have a DAC/preamp driving a power amp. The DAC has an internal volume that I control through Roon’s volume control. (That’s the only way to do it. It’s a Meridian Explorer 2). So I either have to point, click and drag in Roon to change the volume, or use the Roon keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl-UP and Ctrl-DOWN). What I’d like is for the normal Windows volume control to take over the Roon volume control. Then I could use my nice USB Windows volume knob.
When I used to play music through JRiver instead of Roon, that worked because there was an option you could select to let the Windows volume control take over the program. It was handy.

Look at the Deep Harmony extension in the tinkering section. It can do what you want and more. You can even set it to confirm you preamps volume from Roon. I use for both my systems it’s very good.

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Excellent suggestion! Thank-you.