Can you allow something other than shuffle on artist page

I know that some people want the shuffle feature for some strange reason. However I see no reason to shuffle a collection of Beethoven Symphonies, for example. Not for any albums. Guess what? I have 100% albums. Albums designed artisticly to be played as a whole and in order.

It makes sense to play an artist by something. Classical - probably forget about defining any order from the metadata. However for artists such as Pink Floyd, Talking Heads etc, playing albums in original release date order would make sense. Playing in alphabetical order would not.

I took the opportunity to remove shuffle from the available options for albums under artist or the alphabetical listing of albums. That was welcome. I look forward to getting rid of any remaining shuffle options :slight_smile:

I use shuffle a lot. With selfmade playlists. My playlist of Mozart’s violin Sonata’s for example. By shuffeling them I always get a ransom order. Like that.
So good for you you don’t have to use shuffle at all.

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… only problem is that the only option on the artist page is … shuffle … that was the point I was making. Enjoy your random listening

Just don’t use it. It’s not like it’s there playing mind games to coax you into using it.

My eternal gratitude to you for sharing that logic

Agreed. This relates to tabs too.

Pleasure, you clearly needed the assistance.