Can you automatically playback from local storage when a track is unavailable from streaming service?

I have a user “how-to” question.

I use both TIDAL and a local library to play back music. I sometimes have songs in a playlist that I added while listening to TIDAL and I also have those same songs in my local library. I would like to set a preference to play back from the local library if a track is available there. This would also help when tracks mysteriously become unavailable on TIDAL, which happens frequently. What happens now is that if a track suddenly becomes unavailable in TIDAL, the track is skipped in the the playlist sequence even though I have a local copy. This is a bummer, needless to say.

My Roon version is 1.7, build 710, 64-bit. The music server is an Innuos Zenith Mk 3.


Roon playlists are aware of the “version” you want as part of that playlist. The specific version, from Tidal, you seeded into that Playlist is the one Roon will use. You’d have to manually replace it with a local version in Roon.

It might be nice if there was a way to create a “loose” playlist that told Roon to play a song from anywhere Roon can find it but that’s not how Playlists work today. You’re specifying an exact version to play and, if at the time of playback, Roon has problems playing that version then that track will be skipped.

Ask a moderator to move this to the feature request section, you never know.