Can you control NUC ROCK as an endpoint?

I am thinking about buying the innuos phoenix usb reclocker and connecting it to my NUC.

Can the NUC with ROCK act as a core and an endpoint at the same time?

Yes, you can connect devices directly to Core. Can’t comment on the Rev locker though, but a USB DAC will work.

But can I control it with roon?

Yes, if a DAC is connected to Core it is a Roon endpoint. If the reclocker is transparent and passes signalling between DAC and Core this should work too.

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Yes, I run a usb dac from Nuc to my speakers controlled by my IPad running Roon

Whilst your can do this your better spending money on a seperate networked endpoint than plugging in a 2k usb cleaner to a rock or a new DAC if it’s USB implementation is flawed enough to warrant his kind of thing in the first place. But it’s your money spend it how you see fit.

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