Can you get ASIO from Spotify?

Can you tell the way you get asio from spotify?

There is a few of ways to do this. I am by no means an expert.

My best sounding way is using direct streaming of Spotify within my Linn Klimax DSM dac. Not really ASIO.
I believe my Linn dac somewhere along the line up-samples Spotify to 16/44, cd quality. Sounds really good though. Spotify is not this resolution natively at the moment.

I also have a Sound Blaster sound card in my PC where I select the ASIO driver output that comes with it. I can select 24/96 as an option, which up-samples Spotify. Then it gets sent to my Linn via toslink input. It sounds very good!

Another way is I have Spotify running on my stand alone PC.
The key to bypass all of windows sound garbage is to use: Hi-Fi Cable & ASIO Bridge. You can use ASIO4All as the ASIO driver. It’s free.
All this software is freeware or donation ware. It works well and sounds very good too.
Here is a link to their site:
Read through it part way down.


HIFI-CABLE driver is a virtual audio device appearing in the audio device list with a Gold Cinch Connector icon.

HIFI CABLE is working like VB-CABLE except it needs to be configured with the same samplerate on its Input and Its output. HI-FI Cable is bit perfect and supports up to 24 bits 384 kHz audio stream.

With ASIO-Bridge Application, HI-FI CABLE’s Input can be routed to ASIO Device Output, and ASIO Device Input can be routed to HIFI CABLE’s Output.

HIFI-CABLE & ASIO-Bridge (Donationware)
Virtual Hi-Fi Cable And ASIO Bridge (XP, VISTA, WIN7, WIN8 32/64 bits)

Good luck.

Yea, I know that. How you can get from 320kbps to 384khz bitperfect. :smiley: No spotify to roon.



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You need “Spotify Connect” feature from a streamer.

FYI. Here’s a related thread that may or may not help:


No matter what, one can’t do this, right?

Depends on your definition of “bitperfect”. Assuming you mean the decoded output of the lossly bitstream Spotify sends you, then yes, that’s easy (at least by using Spotify Connect). But if you mean bitperfect to relate to the origin, pre lossy compression by Spoity, then the answer is no, since Spotify only offers lossy compressed bitstreams.


Thanks, that’s how I interpreted the post.