Can you search for 5-Star rated albums?

Here is how it looks in All Music Guide, can it be done in Roon?

Three lines top left of screen, select albums, select focus, onto the left side select rating, select 5*.

outstanding! Thanks!

I now see how I can sort on other things like just my multi-channel collection!

If you tap on either of the green tabs ‘Main’ and ‘5 Star’ they will go pink and you will see everything except those filters, focus is a very useful tool.

And you can save these views as bookmarks :slight_smile:

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Bookmarks are helpful. Listening to just 5-star albums now.

Is there anyway to sort on AMG song picks? For an artist they have “Song Highlights” and for an album they have song picks. I see value in playing just the song highlights or just the AMG pick songs from the 5-star albums (as an example). At the moment I am listening to tracks from 5-star albums but they seem random (one track was just the 37 second spoken work intro). Getting the pick songs from the 5-star albums would be cool.

Does the star rating system that you can select in Focus include both our own ratings as well as AMGs?

I like the FOCUS button and use of exclude “pink” status.

Anyone know the answer to my question above?

I guess I could just mess around with it myself and figure it out, just never really paid attention to album ratings other than album reviews.

It includes both, your rating overrides the external rating.
Just had a play to see.


Ah thank you very much! I’ll have to make a few playlists using this.

After fiddling with ratings and such I realized we can’t rate individual songs aside from favoriting them. Too bad, because it would make sense to extend this functionality to tracks allowing us to focus on specific ratings.

You would need to use a tag I think.
Focus on all your 5 star albums.
Save a bookmark for future use.
Select all, tag as eg “5 star albums”.

Then go to tracks view and focus on both your “5 star albums” tag and also on “picks”. You should have a list of all the picks from your 5 star albums and you can play as shuffle etc.

Save this as a bookmark for future use! Eg “Picks from 5 star albums”

As you are using tags, any new 5 star albums you add will need to be tagged, they will not automatically make it into the list.

Very little of my music is tagged well, but I do try and tag new stuff as I add it bit by bit… But if you don’t and albums are missing from your list, just go back to your “5 star albums” bookmark, select all and add to your “5 star albums” tag. They will now show up under your “picks from 5 star albums” bookmark.

Ps I have not tried this, but imagine it will work, let me know if it doesn’t!

Pps I couldn’t have made that sound more complicated if I had tried. But it’s pretty straightforward really!


The above worked. Thanks!

I know Roon is built around Focus.
But the lack of Smart Playlists, is why I still use J River Media Center to rate my tracks.

Just seems easier.
(But maybe its just because thats what I’m used to)

In Jriver I have tried to rate the few tracks I especially like four or five stars. Sometimes I would use 3. The rest I leave blank. I guess that isn’t far from a like button. It helps with albums I am less familiar with when I go back later. I don’t use that for smart playlists much.

I used to review albums with notes by track as single then star or check or blank. It was interesting even when just on paper.

I like the amg track picks so when I am exploring new albums I get what should be the better tracks. I wish the artist top song picks in Roon were the AMG “song highlights”.

I have very little downloaded music and mainly stream from Qobuz. When I use ‘focus’ to pull up 5 star albums it only seems to pull up albums from my favourite artists. Is there a way to pull up all 5 star albums, or perhaps 5 star albums in a particular genre?

This sort of thing?

Do you mean from across the Qobuz streaming service collection as a whole? If so, then no; Focus is looking at the content of your Library (which of course may include material that you have added to it from Qobuz).

Thanks Geoff. Yes, I meant from Qobuz as a whole. I guess there would be a huge volume of 5 star albums there but I’m pretty familiar with the 5 star albums that are already in my library. This would be a good way to discover new music.