Can Youtube videos be played via Roon

My Roon Core is on an iMac. My primary Roon endpoint is in another room and relies on a a microRendu/Pro-ject Pre Box S2 digital. Is there any way to play Youtube videos through this setup?

If not is Roon considering such integration for the future?

There is a way to play YouTube videos through that gear but not via Roon. Try the Airplay or UPnP apps on the mR.

I haven’t heard of any plans to enable Roon to play YouTube, Roon has ruled out UPnP support.

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Chromcast works well into your audio endpoint. I do this a lot with the music we film at gigs…

Thanks for the responses. I have no idea how to use another app on the microRendu but I will ask Small Green Computer for help with that.

@Chrislayeruk could you explain how I would use Chromecast in my setup?

I don’t know your set up but if your endpoint has another input us your TV output into that. That’s what I do. Chromecast > TV > Endpoint.
My Tv switches to Chromcast from whatever Chanel it’s on. It turns on, if it’s off. My Bluesound Pulse 2 is Set to sense from an optical input. So operation is seamless and simple.

I have only one TV. It is a “smart” TV connected to my home theatre system. I can play YouTube videos in that way, without using Roon.

However in the room with my two channel stereo – a far better system and the one I prefer to listen to music on – there is no TV, so I don’t think your suggestion can work for me.

It remains unclear to me if there is some way to make use of the microRendu and its connected DAC to play You Tube videos through my two-channel stereo, with or without Roon.

Well thank you for introducing me to the mR. Curious to see what I can make happen with it. Looking to purchase a Beosound Stage and I want to wring out every ounce of audio that I can from the unit.

You’re welcome. Glad you’re enjoying it.