Cannot add custom radio stream

I’ve been talking to studio over at Emerging Rock Bands Radio ( to get a direct link to their mp3 stream, since their only publicly published links revert to their website and embedded player.

I’ve now managed to get a direct link to the stream from their studio, and whilst this works if I plug it into my web browser, if I enter the stream URL into Roon, then it goes away, has a think for a while and eventually comes back stating that it cannot find a radio station at that URL.

Any ideas how to resolve this so I can add it to my system?

For reference, the stream URL is:

Many thanks,

No, I can’t add it either. Roon sometimes has trouble with https streams and I can’t find an alternative here.

I’ll inform the Roon devs.


hi @support - is there any fix for this, also got some radio links i’d love to add that work no problem from vlc or straight from the browser but adding these to roon just results in “Roon could not find a radio station at this URL”.

Please help :sob:

Hello @Stefan_Stefan , let me know the stations and I’ll try and add them for you. I can often find alternatives that work.

This is the link to the stream I extracted from the radio’s page source. They are not on any platform such as Tune-in.

Many thanks @BrianW

Sorry @Stefan_Stefan , you’ve drawn the short straw. I can’t get Roon to accept that and I can’t find an alternative.

Hey @Stefan_Stefan,

We’re so sorry to find out that the radio station you like listening to can’t be added in Roon right now… :pensive:

I’ve taken this to our team for investigation. While I can’t say exactly when this will happen, we will get back to you as soon as that happens.

Thanks in advance for your patience :pray:

That’s great to hear. There are a few from the same source that I’d like to add and get the same issues. Thanks for looking into this!

Hi @beka! Wanted to bump this one up. Any luck investigating this? Here are two examples of stream URLs I couldn’t add to Roon:

Both play 100% fine in Foobar2000.

Hello @ModerateDionysianism , while @beka and Roon investigate those specific URLs, I believe I can provide alternatives for you; try:

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Hello again @Mark_Edwards1, I had a brainwave… try

Hey @ModerateDionysianism,

Thanks for the bump :blush:

I’m in touch with our dev teams about this. In the meantime, I’m grateful to @BrianW for the alternative. Thanks!

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Thanks @beka!
@BrianW deserves a nice glass of ice cold beer indeed! Http + 8000 port do the trick. Infinite thanks for this!

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Definitely agreed, @ModerateDionysianism :beers:

You sir, are an absolute genius. IT’S ALIIIIVVVEEE!!! :partying_face:

Many thanks.

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Hello again @Mark_Edwards1 , I noticed that the Emerging Rock Bands Radio website referenced above was down and the stream no longer worked. They have a new website with a working stream and I have added Emerging Rock Bands Radio to the Roon database.

Thanks @BrianW … just found it in the DB and replaced my old link.

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