Cannot Add Tidal Playlist Local Copy Tracks to Library

I really like Tidal Playlists. When I found a new one I liked in the past, I created a local copy, then I selected all the tracks and added them to my library. The main reason I did this was so I could favorite individual tracks in the playlist.

But now, I no longer see a button for adding local copy playlist tracks to my library. All I see when I select one or more tracks ‘add to playlist’. What happened to ‘add to library’? Did it move? I should mention I’m running Roon on Mac OS X. I probably have not tried to do this for a few months. Did something change that I missed?

I don’t use tidal but maybe it moved into the … drop down / pop up menu?

Yes, it believe it was in the pop up, but now the only item I see in the popup is Add to Playlist.

Now, to add the the mystery, I made a local copy of another playlist. I can add those tracks to my library. So something appears to be wrong with this one playlist.

Hi Mike,

I think it means that the track is already in your library.

Cheers, Greg