Cannot configure database location - QPKG installation

Hi there @support … Attempting to install Roon Core onto a QNAP TS-1685 running QTS, with the Roon Server 2018-06-14 QPKG. This is a fresh install of Roon - I’m new to the app and wanted to evaluate it with a subsection of my collection before jumping all the way in.

The app will install to a variety of volumes, but does not see the shared RoonServer folder that I pre-created on SSD per the instructions.

I get a blue “Configure” button, which takes me to a selection dialog that is completely inoperable - I can’t even type in a direct path - and thus services do not start.

Things I’ve tried:

  1. Using different browsers - confirmed inop on:
    a) Chrome/Mac Version 69.0.3497.100 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    b) Firefox Quantum/Mac Version 62.0.2 (64-bit)
    c) Safari/Mac 12.0 13606.2.11

Behavior is consistent across all browsers

  1. Not just creating a shared folder - I had some spare SSD in this system, so I created a static volume (not thick or thin, and not RAIDed) called RoonServer and then made the RoonServer shared folder in it. No change in results.

  2. Creating a shared folder on a RAIDed set of M.2 SSD in the system already in use. No change in results.

  3. Manually creating the RoonServer and RAATServer directories in the shared folder, then stopping and restarting the QPKG - this was done both on the shared folder only config, as well as the static volume entitled RoonServer with a shared folder also called RoonServer. No change in results.

  4. First installing the app to the System volume, then migrating the app to the SSD volume. No change in results.

  5. Installing the app directly to the SSD volume I intend to house the database - either in the shared folder case, or the static volume + shared folder case, no change in results.

There appears to be nothing in the way of logging - or I’m just not looking in the right place.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Hi Mark,
Normally it should look and be configured like this:

What happens when you click the Configure button? Just nothing, or is there nothing to select?

Thanks for the video. There’s nothing to select.

Can you explain, how you access your NAS? From your local network, or from wide area (over the internet)?
Do you use the ip address or the host name?

I use a hostname via Bonjour service advertisement - this is all local network. NAS is attached via 10Gbase-T, client in this case is wired and connected to the same switch via 1Gbase-T, same subnet which is an RFC1918 /24 in the 10. range.

Only client I used last night was MacOS. I can attempt from Windows 10, also wired to the same switch.

Thank you for the info.
Could you login into your QNAP administration. Then modify the url in your browser
Normally it should say

for example:

Please add /qpkg/RoonServer/index.php?debug=1 at the end of the url.
In the given example above the full url would be:

You should now see the webinterface of the QNAP RoonServer again and a small text text block.

Could you copy/paste this text block and send it to me?

Yep, here you go.

Architecture: x86_64
Session ID: fqmm7xw7
QPKG-Path: /share/CACHEDEV6_DATA/.qpkg/RoonServer
Local http-directory: http://napper.local:8080/cgi-bin
HomeFeature disabled: 1

ok, this was really helpful.
I can reproduce this here now and try to fix this error.
In the meantime the configure button should work if you open the web administration with the IP address of your qnap in your browser.
Sorry for this error.

Outstanding. I can confirm that navigating with an inaddr instead of a name produces the picklist of volumes.

Thanks for working on this!

You are welcome and thank you for pointing me to this issue.