Cannot Connect iPhone ARC App to Roon Core (ref#RDPL6D)

Affected Product

Roon ARC

ARC Issue Category

Can’t sync with Roon Server

Description of Issue

My iPhone ARC app can’t connect to roon core

Roon Server Platform


Roon Server Specifications

I have a high end PC that has enough of everything

Connected Audio Devices

McIntosh USB integrated amp

Home Network Details

Ethernet - Erro

I’ve had this issue for nearly two weeks
Roon ARC on iPhone 15 not working after build 1353 - #30 by connor cc @connor @noris

@mvido - Have you set up Roon ARC access on your Roon Server? In Roon, go to Settings > Roon ARC.

If this displays an error message, please post the error message here. Thanks.

I checked my setting and ARC is on and set up correctly. I still cannot connect on my iPhone app. The error message says the app cannot connect to the server on my PC. My PC settings are also correct for sharing.

Hi @mvido,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting a staff response.

First off, to verify there’s not a port mapping conflict in your LAN, try changing the port assignment in Roon → Settings → ARC to a different range, like 60000.

Who is your internet service provider? If the port test isn’t indicating a timeout or multipleNATconflict error, then there’s likely an additional layer of carrier-grade network address translation upstream, or your IP is otherwise being re-routed by the provider.