Cannot edit an Arne Trio Album

Content you’re reporting an issue with

On identifying, tracks are not correctly named-

Selecting metadata preference does not save appropriately - the original stays stubbornly in place. Similarlly edit of the track does not alter it

Hi John,

That is because it is not a track name. I know?!!! When a piece of music is in sections that are grouped the “titles” are controlled by the Work/Part/Section metadata. That is why changing the title is not being reflected.

If it is music you own the files to, try adding the Work and Part meta data to those files, and then Edit the album and tell Roon to use your Work/Part settings. That should correct it. (I don’t think you can edit that for streaming sources).

Alternatively, if you own the files, you can choose to “unidentify” the album, which will force Roon to only utilize those file’s metadata for everything. Although, that means on loosing out on the extra benefits that “identified” albums have.

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