Cannot edit composition hierarchies of "streamed content"

Content you’re reporting an issue with

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?


Is the album identified in Roon?


Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?


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Description of the issue

The entire 2CD album has been grouped as a single 1.40 hour 20-track composition. This is not how it is grouped in Qobuz:

If I go to the track editor and attempt to change the grouping by removing the main title “Pond Life” before the colon “:” delimiter, roon ignores that and keeps the single composition grouping:

It doesn’t matter which composition grouping option I choose and I don’t want to use disable composition grouping as I want to manually replicate the composition grouping in Qobuz.

My experience is that it is very hit and miss with Qobuz content whether I can edit the composition hierarchy. Sometimes I can, sometimes I cannot. I have never been able to work out what the pattern is. With local content this is not a problem.

There are a number of options here:

  1. Roon can fix the “edited title box” so that it behaved consistently in all cases.

  2. If this album is on Musicbrainz I can edit the composition hierarchy there. This has been suggested to me several times. The plain fact is that I am too thick to teach myself how to use Musicbrainz. In 6 years I have never worked it out. I simply do not think like a computer programmer or database administrator.

  3. I can endlessly ask roon to request their metadata suppliers to fix these composition hierarchy issues (and this is a case where they may not agree with my wishes).

  4. I can “unidentify” the album and then manually find the album art, enter all the recording dates and location details. Enter all the credits, label and catalogue information, etc. etc. This only makes sense because roon does allow me to manually fix composition hierarchy problems in streamed content that is unidentified.

  5. I can fix these sorts of problems manually myself with “identified” albums if the various roon editors had the same functionality for local and steamed content.

My preference is 5), but what I am actually doing is 4) because I really like the album, just not enough to play all 1.40 hours through. I just want bite sized chunks to show up in playlists, shuffle and radio.

@support, is there a reason why streamed content is not editable in the same way as local content?

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