Cannot edit track names

I am unable to edit track titles. I select the tracks to be edited and have selected file and saved - but this has not been applied. The same happens when I type in the track name.

I also have this problem. Specific example is the Claudio Abbado recording of Verdi’s Don Carlos (1985). The tracks were ripped in dbpoweramp, copied across to the music store that Roon uses (on a NAS), and the result is that every track on the 4-disc set is down as ‘Don Carlo, opera’. Asking Roon to ‘prefer filename’ seems to have no effect. Also, as with Paul Williams, tried typing in the track name - no change.


Hey @mikeyjfs – how big is the whole set on disc? The easiest way forward would be for us to look at the files directly.

Could you zip up the entire folder and PM a Dropbox link or something similar? If you need some place to upload the media, just flag @support and we’ll give you a way.


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