Cannot Enable RoonBridge in Allo USBridge

Just moved house and set everything up as before (accept internet) but now I can’t enable Roon Bridge in the Allo USBridge GUI. The slider to enable moves across to green but as soon as I hit save it reverts back to disabled. Tried numerous re-boots but no joy.

Does the USBridge need the internet to activate Roon? That’s the only difference but all my other wired endpoints work without the internet (Meridian MS600, PC, Meridian Explorer 2).

Backwards I’m going from Meridian Prime Headphone DAC to USBridge (via USB in the bottom port of the USBridge (one that says host) to Netgear switch (to which other working endpoints are connected) to ROCK Nuc.

It’s driving me mad - any suggestions gratefully received as I can’t find any way to run diagnostics.


Just to add, I can enable and disable all other services from the GUI. Anyone ever experienced this? Thanks