Cannot get Airplay connection to ATV4

Lately when I try to connect Roon via Airplay to an AppleTV 4, I get the message:
“This Airplay connection requires iOS 7.1 or later …”
I believe the operating systems are up-to-date.

In the ATV4 security settings, it is not possible to disable access controls (as it apparently was in the past).
Is there a work-around?

I have no trouble using Airplay from other applications besides Roon.

OK … I see now that the problem apparently has to do with Apple’s tvOS 10.2 upgrade, which requires a device pairing/authentication process before Airplay will work. But Roon evidently does not support this process? Or Apple doesn’t allow 3rd party apps to use it? Is there a work-around yet?

To my knowledge there is no workaround yet.
This is Apple not allowing 3rd party apps in.

I had to enter a 4 digit code visible on the apple tv the other day when I streamed a video via Infuse.
Likely roon just needs an update