Cannot get HQ Player to output to Squeezebox Touch

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Have Roon running on my laptop as the core. Have HQ Player on the laptop. Roon can play music directly through my Logitech Squeezebox Touch (SBT) just fine. Wanted to try HQ Player and see what kind of difference that makes. Followed instructions on Roon site. Have HQ Player set as the output of Roon. No sound through SBT. Tried googling and searching Roon forum to no avail. How do I get sound to go from HQ Player to SBT?

You don’t. SBT are not HQPlayer endpoints. When you use Roon and send the output to HQPlayer, at that point Roon is no longer controlling the audio chain, you are in HQPlayer territory. HQPlayer outputs to its own endpoint software NAA.

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Just enable Logitech streaming in Roon setup and stream to the SB Touch directly. That is what I do with my Touch and it works very well. If you want anything more than 48K to go to the Touch and out to a DAC via USB you will need a USB hub at the USB output of the Touch. This has nothing to do with Roon. It is a limitation of the Touch. The Touch is a great piece of gear but given its age it is pretty limited in today’s world of computer audio. I assume that you are familiar with the “enhanced digital output” options for the Touch. If not just search it and plenty of resources will come up.

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First off, thank you for your reply. If I am understanding you correctly, are you recommending I do not use HQP and just stream to the SBT directly? That is what I am currently doing and I was hoping I could enjoy the benefits of HQP but is this not possible? I have Roon upsampling to 24/192 already, which my SBT handles because it does have the EDO plugin, and my Benchmark Dac1 supports 24/192 (I’m using dig coax from SBT because I have the original Dac1 which does not have usb).

Thank you very much for the reply Daniel. I will google and see if I can figure out the NAA software for HQP. If there are any good tutorials/guides that come to mind and you don’t mind linking to one I would probably find that very handy.

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You are correct. It is not possible to stream to the SB Touch from Roon using HQPlayer. The Touch is not capable of running the HQPlayer endpoint software which is called the Network Attached Adapter (NAA). I use HQPlayer with a Sonore ultraRendu as the NAA endpoint in my main system but I stream from Roon direct to my SB Touch in my bedroom system.

In your system, HQPlayer would likely be of little benefit as you are already up-sampling to 192/24 using Roon DSP and I doubt that you would hear a big benefit by switching to HQPlayer’s up-sampling engine. If you really want to do it you will need a new endpoint (Touch retired) that is capable of running the NAA software and there are quite a few. You would also need a digital to digital converter (DDC) to convert the USB output of the NAA device (they will all be USB devices) to coax SPDIF to feed your Benchmark DAC.

The main reason to use HQPlayer is to up-sample PCM sources to DSD to be played on a DSD capable DAC with a USB input. It does do PCM up-sampling very well but that is not the main focus of HQPlayer.

I would just stick with what you are already doing as it works.

Have fun.