Cannot id new Karajan / Berlin Phil. Blu Ray Beethoven collection

On July 1st Deutsche Gramophone released a 24/96 “Pure Audio” compilation of all 9 1963 Karajan/Berlin Phil. Beethoven symphonies … I have successfully imported the music (all 41 tracks!) but cannot seem to identify the collection in Roon. There is an entry in : (

Any hints on how to describe or search for the 2016 Bluray release and id the tracks correctly?

The 1963 recordings are identifiable though the BlueRay release isn’t. If you select the SACD release does that allow you to at least match the titles to the tracks?

thanks, yes, I changed the artist to “Herbert von Karajan” from LVB and put in the full title, it found the SACD, which is close enough, even though it chops it into 6 discs :slight_smile:

time to listen :smile:

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I don’t like having the composer as the artist, unless they are also doing the recording. That’s what the “Composer” field is for.

You’ve no idea how many times LVB has “recorded” his 9th Symphony… (Actually we do know).