Cannot install server legacy on DSM6

I can’t install Roon Server legacy (1.8) on my Synology 720+ with DSM6.
I want to downgrade from v2.0 because I don’t like the “always online feature” of the current version. I am quite familiar with the installation routine, but the installer from @crieke will not work.

I downloaded the most current version but only get this error message.

What I am missing?
The .spk file is only 466.4 KB in size. Seems to be a little bit too small. Is the file itself corrupt? I am not the Unix-Juggler, so I am lost at this point… Installing the current Roon Server 2.0 on my NAS works without any problem…

Hi Holger,
the legacy installer uses the same url to download the Linux binaries of Roon Server Legacy as the easy installer script for a generic linux install.
It seems this file does not exist anymore on the roonlabs webspace:

maybe @support can take a look and check on their end what happened to Roon Server Legacy for linux on their webspace?

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Then you could also take the opportunity to see if the libraries for Synology DSM7 are also available. In the near future I will have to upgrade from DSM 6 to 7.
Or are they the same libraries and it is the installer script that does the customizations?

Hi @Holger,
All linux based system do use the link above. So at the moment the Legacy install will fail on DSM6, DSM7, QNAP, Asustor and also on all other linux installs using the “Linux RoonServer install script” from the Roonlabs Knowledge Base page.