Cannot start Music Linn Akurate DSM

Recently I experience problems starting streaming on my Linn Akurate Exact DSM device from the iOS app. I can start the music on the Linn device from my Mac using Roon. The Linn player play everything fine using the Linn or Kazoo app. Roon IOS app plays music fine using my Meridian 861V8 with ID41 card. It plays fine on my Yamaha Musiccast (airplay). Everything works except starting music from Roon IOS app on the Linn device. The Roon app can shut down the linn HW… Any suggestions as this has plate well before.

For some reason I cannot tell, there are two cores visible from Wi-Fi clients, but only one is running. Selecting the wrong one, all Wi-Fi access fails. Wonder where the ghost is living. I have to search my Mac for the twin.

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