Can't access Tidal Masters (MQA) through Roon

I have subscribed to TIDAL / Roon and I have a PS audio direct stream DAC as an endpoint.

Soon I will be able to play TIDAL masters (MQA) tracks through this set up, although I can pull the MQA tracks (by searching “Tidal Masters”) directly from TIDAL I can’t find them in Roon.

How can I look up, access, and play MQA/TIDAL Masters through Roon?

It is not currently possible to filter Tidal search results in Roon to see only MQA files. Furthermore, there is nothing in the album view to indicate whether an album is encoded in MQA. If you see multiple versions of an alblum in the search results and suspect that one might be MQA, the only way to tell is to play it and see if the streamed file is 16 bits (regular FLAC) or 24 bits (MQA).

I believe the only way to see MQA content directly is to click on the “Masters” button on the “What’s New” tab of the main Tidal view in Roon. Unfortunately, this takes you to the full list of MQA albums, which you cannot filter or sort.

Since Tidal is able to indicate MQA files withinin their own application, I suspect that the day will eventually come when Roon shows these indicators as well.

Correct and even more unfortunately this Tidal masters list is not complete and there are in fact many more masters available on Tidal than this.

You could identify the MQA Masters in Tidal and tag them for future identification…

I stumbled on a technique which at least partially answers my own question above regarding MQA/TIDAL masters on Roon.
Go to the TIDAL website, search TIDAL masters and select the album you want to play/store in Roon.
Then create a playlist in tidal.This playlist will automatically duplicate in Roon
Go to Roon, select the playlist,and push edit. Room will give the you the option of copying the playlist in Roon. After copying the playlist you can delete the TIDAL playlist that transferred over and you have the album in a playlist in roon

But How do you get them to roon?

Mark the Tidal Master as a favorite in Tidal. It should show up on this Roon screen…You can tag them into a group using MY Tags, or simply access them via Tidal favorites (pictured).