Can't Add Compositions to a Playlist

Hard to believe it, but I dont believe one can create a playlist from the composition page(!).

I tried to build an all-nocturne playlist, which should have been an easy affair. I started with the complete composition list then filtered on Form = nocturne and there they were. All was left to select the nocturnes I wanted and add them to a playlist.

Except for two problems. One, no nocturne compositions would successfully add to a playlist. Second (although I didn’t get to test this) if they had been added, I would have gotten all the performances of that nocturne, not just the one I wanted.

It is very hard to imagine working with Roon’s playlist builder for any extensive project.

Maybe I don’t understand your work flow, but I just went to compositions,and went to the Brandenburg Concerto No.1 in F Major, BWV 1046.

There was the 1 in my library and 716 in streaming services.
I then left clicked on all the performances I wanted to select and then clicked the 3 button at the top and had the Add to Playlist Option.


My workflow was to select a composition from the composition page:

and add to a playlist:

Then go to the playlist:


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So, you made a playlist first called Nocturnes and then tried to add music to it. Okay…

Well, I see the difference. I had a performance of the composition in my library. If I try to add a composition, using your Granger example, I cannot add a performance to an existing playlist. However, once I add one performance of that composition to the library, I can then add the other performances of that composition, even if they are not in my library.

And, the add to playlist FROM the composition page, never seems to work; for me. Which all seems like a bug to me @dylan

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Thanks for the info, @Rugby & @John_V. I’ve passed this along to our team for further investigation. We appreciate the report!

Yes, this is definitly behaving very odd. I noticed this a while ago but as it wasnt too pressing then, I did not create a bug report.