Cant click on only one artist when song has several artists

I like to click on artists name when playing music to se similar artists etc but when a song has several artists then i cannot click on just one of them instead the link points to all of them and then it only come up other songs with the same 2 or 3 artists together. Often the text say artist 1 feat artist 2 or artist 1 and artists 2, only if there is a / between the 2 artists then they come up like 2 seperate and i can click on just one of them. Here is one example with a song with Paul van Dyk feat Arty and its not possible to click just one of the names

Hi @Bjornar_Steinsland. This is a problem with the metadata that TIDAL provides to us. Artists are merged in such a way that we’ve not found a reliable way of splitting them (without doing it incorrectly in some cases). We are trying to figure this one out.

Thanks, i understand its not easy to fix this, Glad to hear your already trying.