Can't download Remote 2.0

I downloaded ARC, but am unable to get Remote 2.0 on my Roon Core (Lenovo laptop with AMD Ryzen 4000 series and Microlsolft 10).
I try using “Roon Software Dolwnloads” and go to “Download for PC” I then click on Googet Play and geet a message that says “Install on more devices” and “This app is available for your devices.” However, when I click on it, I get a messager saying “Not eligible for app installl.” What am I doing wrong??

Are you talking about your windows machine or an android phone?

Same here, but with Mac OS. I cannot download Remote 2.0 on my Mac Mini which is running the latest version of Monterey. My iPad and iPhone have updated to 2.0, but not my Mac Mini, which is my Core. . . Apple’s App store shows no 2.0 download for Mac OS only for iOS. Downloading from Roon’s website only seems to yeild 1.8. So. . . my iPad and iPhone are useless as remotes now because it says my core must also have 2,0.

My Roon app is set to automatically update, but it also tells me my 1.8 version is the most up to date one. . .

I had same on iPad
I uninstalled Remote and then re loaded it - that fixed it in my case - maybe the same?