Can't favorite tracks in Tidal playlist while playing

When I play an imported Tidal playlist in Roon, I can not favorite (heart) the tracks while thet play from cue. When I play these exact same files through Roon’s “Genre” mode for example I can favorite them. How is this possible?
In Roon’s tracks list (menu left) I can favorite the last played songs as well.

I’ve checked: All tracks are individually added to Roon’s Library.

When you click the album link for the tracks in the playlist, I’m guessing you end up on a TIDAL album page (meaning you see an Add To Library button), as opposed to an album in your library (which would have the Favorite heart at the top).

Because the playlist refers to albums on TIDAL (meaning, albums you haven’t yet added to your library), you won’t be able to favorite the tracks in the playlist (since “favorites” are explicitly about the music you love most in your library).

I understand this is a counter-intuitive distinction, and oneI’d like to improve on in the future, but it’s much more complicated than it seems. I explained some of the background here – give it a read and let me know if it’s unclear:

Thank you so much Mike. I think I understand, but…does this mean that I have to add all my TIDAL albums manually to the Roon library?

And when this is done, I won’t have the favoriting problem as described anymore?

Hi Mike, didn’t get an answer yet on my last question. Could you look at it?

Hey @Cem_Lafci – this is something we’d like to improve in the future.

The issue right now is that your playlists refer to content on TIDAL, which isn’t part of your library. Since “favorites” are about content in your library, you won’t be able to favorite this content in Roon.

You can always add these albums to your Roon library, at which point you’ll be able to favorite the songs. And if you create additional playlists in Roon using TIDAL content from your library, you’ll be able to favorite those as well.

Just note that the playlists you created on TIDAL refer to non-library tracks, and those aren’t going to be automatically updated to be part of your library.

Again, we agree this could be better and we’re hoping to improve this part of the product in the future.

Thanks Mike,

Looking forward to your future improvements!


Is this still on the radar for tweaking at some point? I’m basically running into the same issue 3 years on from this being brought up. I’d love to be able to favorite specific tracks without first having to add the entire album to my Roon library. Am I going about this the wrong way?