Can't find my old posts

I’m trying to re-visit a thread, because Roon has lost the link to my NAS & I want to follow the same instructions.

I can only find links to one thread.

Constructive comment, this really is a terrible website IMHO.

To view all your old posts:

  • Click on your account icon, which pops up your profile summary.
  • Then click on the now larger account icon and all your posts [activity] will be displayed.
  • Scroll down the list to find the one you are looking for.

At present you have around 13 post across 4 topics. However, none are NAS folder sharing related so I think you would do better using the forums search option and/or look in the Knowledge base.
If you still can’t find it create a new post, describe the issue in detail and ask for assistance. I’m sure a kind sole on here will help.

BTW Forum topics of interest can be bookmarked for quick access … I use that feature quite a lot for ‘reference’ posts.

[quote=“Strummer, post:1, topic:14546”]
Constructive comment, this really is a terrible website IMHO.
[/quote]That’s not really constructive as it offers no information on what you dislike or suggestions on how it can be improved.

The Roon team acknowledge that all is not perfect and work hard at accommodating requests. There are Product, Knowledge Base and Support Website improvements in the pipeline … but alas there’s no magic wand to make it all happen over night.

I quite like Discourse which is the software used for this forum.

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