Can't find Roon control app to install on 2019 MB Pro

I’m trying to install the Roon control app on a Mac and it doesn’t exist in the App Store on this device of mine. I have it on my iPhone and iPad.

What gives? Do I need to do an online search maybe? Just did and I can’t install on this Mac!

It’s not an App as such, it’s the full Roon installation but it can run as just a controller (ie without it being a core) … the download is available from the Roon site…

I have roon installed on it already I just can’t configure it as a controller. That was my problem when I first logged on to this site. I use the other devices I own and they work great but also want to use the Mac for this.

This isn’t a available for me on Mac. But I know it can be done as others are using it on there Mac.

That’s Roon’s phone / tablet application, it is designed for Apple iOS/iPadOS and Android devices and is available via the relevant App Store.

For Windows and Mac systems you have to download the Roon program from Roon’s website.

Did you install Roon Server on Mac? If so that is headless, it does not have a GUI interface.

If this is the case you have two options:

  1. Uninstall Roon Server and install the full Roon system (that does have a GUI front-end).

  2. Leave Roon Server in place and also install the full Roon program. (When used this way the latter just acts a local interface to the Roon Server, there is still only one Roon Core running.)

This Roon help page may help…

Which ever way you go make sure you a have some recent backups of the Roon DB, so you don’t lose anything.

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