Can't find Swedish Stations

Hi Guys!
My very first day with Roon, so I will restrain myself a while from claiming to be a member of the team. However, from my northen sight of Stockholm, I find that our best national radio stations are not available. Let’s start with this one, of utmost interest:

This is the not yet for the public released high bitrate version of the Swedish radio (Sveriges radio) P2, the always seriosly curated classical music channel.

This is similar to the web page P2 - Klassisk musik | Sveriges Radio, however you will not get the high bitrate over the official web page.

If of interest to compare with the lower bitrates, they are found here along with the other official channels of the well renowned Swedish national radio broadcasting:

[192 kbps AAC as M3U]
P4 Plus

What a tragedy… I prepared this for almost an hour and finally got this message:
Sorry, new users can only put 8 links in a post.

For the sake of clarification, you cannot live without this radio station after 12:00 pm:

Kind regards,

Björn Königsson

Hello @Bjorn_Konigsson , they should all be there . If you search for Sverigesradio with the magnifying glass you should see the full set.

Oh dear, you need to search in one word “sverigesradio” to find the most useful of them. The others (regional radio stations) are found as “sveriges radio”…

Should be useful if both ways of spelling were supported for all of them.

Thanks for prompt reply!

BR Björn

I get 32 results, including regional stations, when I search for Sverigesradio. Do you get something different?

Alternatively, Live radio > Categories > Sweden gets them all.

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