Can't find the bookmarks icon on an android phone


It’s great that I’m now able to control Roon when my phone is locked and I’m therefore using that device much more than I was. One of the features I use most on larger screens is Bookmarks, however I can’t find the icon for those on the phone display. Should I be able to access them, or is there a way to add them to Focus ? The phone is a Moto G6 Play; 5.7 inch, 720 x 1440 px


I’m away at the moment so I don’t have Roon available to take a screenshot, but if you click on the menu at the top left in the android app you will see the bookmarks there.
From memory you cannot create new bookmarks on mobile, but you can select them and I have a few that I jump to on a regular basis, especially under the album view.

I don’t have an Android phone, but do have an iPhone … I hope this image helps …


Fantastic, thanks both. Obvious when you see it. Cheers