Can't focus on "Bandcamp" Tag!

I use Tags in Albums to designate where I bought the albums from… So I have Tags for Qobuz, Bandcamp, Amazon, NativeDSD, HighResAudio, HDTracks, etc… I can successfully focus on any of those Tags and Roon will show me the relevant albums just fine…

However, for some reason if I try to focus on the “Bandcamp” Tag then roon just shows me all of the albums! Focusing on any other Tag (for instance Qobuz) work just fine. But for some bizarre reason I cannot get Roon to focus on the Bandcamp Tag …

As a workaround, you could try to go to Tags in the left column.
Select the ‘Bandcamp’ tag and see if you get all the right albums displayed.
If so, select them all, and allocate a new tag, e.g. BC1.
Now go back to Album view, and check if you can succesfully focus on the new BC1 tag.
If that works, delete the Bandcamp tag, Rename the BC1 tagto Bandcamp, and try focussing again.
Hopefully that is now fine, otherwise new support request

I think I found the culprit… when I went thru the Tag menu I could see the Albums tagged with “Bandcamp” appear correctly, but if I went thru the “Focus” menu it showed me other things… I noticed in the Tag the count of albums had “2 Tags” appended to it (see here)…

I then looked carefully and found out that somehow I had the “Qobuz” tag nested inside the “Bandcamp” tag (I did not even know that possible!)… When I removed the “Qobuz” tag from within the Bandcamp tag, things worked well.

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