Can't get album right no matter what I try

Can anybody give me any ideas as to why this album won’t show up as a single work with 4 movements but no matter what I try it show each movement as a seperate instance of the same work? I have gone in with dbPoweramp and looked at all the tags to make sure everything is right. I have the work and part tags set up correctly. What else is there to check?

I have several versions of that CSO/Giulini/Mahler 9 and the WORK/PART hierarchy is fine for all. Assuming you have set WORK/PART correctly I would try a few other things.

  1. Re-identify but make sure it is against a 1977 release with a title Mahler: Symphonie Nr.9. It’s not possible to see what you have identified against in your screen shot.

  2. If that doesn’t work then delete the album and “clean up library”. Then re-edit externally with dbPoweramp with release date and title as above. Then re-upload and make sure you are identifying against the 1977 release.

  3. That performance is on many compilations and also a double disk with Schubert’s 8th. You could try identifying against one of those. It shouldn’t be necessary to miss-identify deliberately in this case but I sometimes do that in circumstances like this.

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With the WORK/PART tags in place:

I changed the multi-part composition grouping setting in the album editor. That did the trick.

Boom! That worked. Thanks.

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