Can't get ROCK from Android

Hey Rooners

System is
ROCK > ASUS RT-AC87U Router > Allo Signature Bridge > Project S2 DAC
ALL units is wired with cat 6a cables on 1GB fiber internet
Running perfect from remote on W10 Pro PC…NOT…from OnePlus 7 Pro…exept i have restarted ROCK unit itself, not just the OS
Have turnet the IMGP SNOOPING on in the router and wake on LAN is on…So anywone have any solution for my android remote?

I take it is on a wireless network with the same subnet as your wired network? But this I mean IP address is in the same range for first 3 numbers, e.g. 192.168.1 Is the windows remote on the same wireless network or is it wired?

When it times out there’s a place on the Android screen where you can put in an IP address try

And going right back to basics - Is WiFi enabled on the Android device? Done that a few times myself.

Of course mobile is on the same network…
Changed to…that worked…so thkns