Can't get ROCK-installed-m.2 to show up as boot option on MOCK

Hi all,

I have a Dell Optiplex 3060. i5 8th Gen. Installed a nvme 128Gb SSD.

I can get the machine to boot from a USB, which sees the SSD and goes through a seemingly sucessful install.

I remove the USB as instructed, restart and end up back at the BIOS page. I can the SSD under system config, but no matter what I do, I can’t get it to list as a Boot Sequence option.


Is it requiring UEFI?

With the SSD card installed, i’ve tried UEFI and Legacy boot modes, however neither will list the device in “Boot Sequence”.

Perhaps @Mikael_Ollars can help you here. He installed ROCK on a different Optiplex.

Yes, i did, and it was a similar Dell, a 3050 with a 6th Gen i5.
All i can add is that i installed ROCK on the m.2 NVMe with it being the only drive installed at the time.
And the m.2 stick was brand new and BIOS identified it just fine, beforehand. (A Samsung 970 EVO Plus, 250Gb)

Please clean out yor BIOS setiings also, clening any boot keys and disabling secure boot!
And i suppose you should enable Legacy boot (and disable UEFI)

Thanks, will give it another crack tomorrow, there was a danger at one stage it was going out the window!