Can't get to Roon Web Interface


I’m running a Roon core on a Mac mini on Catalina and I’m trying to rip some CDs. The documentation says to check the Roon OS Web Interface to find the CD ripper by opening Roon Settings > Configure Roon OS Devices, but my core never shows up there and just gets stuck searching for one, so I can’t click on it’s IP address to even get to the web interface. Roon works fine otherwise. Is there a specific port I can just navigate to via my computers IP address to reach the Web Interface? Or another way? Thanks!

Solved my own problem, apparently since I am running a Roon core on a Mac there is no web interface… would be nice if the documentation mentioned this. Kinda confusing.

Going to use Roon Extension: CD Ripper v0.4.0 instead for ripping.

Well, there’s not really any point in ripping with Roon if you’re Core is on a Mac. You will be better off with XLD or similar.

Not sure whereyougot your information from regarding the availability of the GUI, but it’s very obvious from the KB page regarding ripping, that it is only available on Rock OS (and is not a part of Roon per se)
And you are running Mac OS, not Roon OS.

Roon and RoonOS are not the same thing. RoonOS is a bespoke operating system and Roon Server combined.

My bad, had the two confused. Thanks for clarification.