Can't install ROCK [resolved: bios setting issue]


I have a new NUC7I5BNK in a Akasa case. The company where I bought it install everything.
I updated the Bios but when I want to install ROCK, I get the message: “a bootable device has not been detected”. I start up the NUC and press F10 but don’t see the usb stick with Rock on it.

What I am doing wrong?

I guess the basic first question, did you make the USB stick bootable when you created it using Etcher or one of the other programs? Or did you just copy the ROCK file to a USB key, in which case it would not be bootable.

I used Etcher to write the image to usb But didn’t the USB stick bootable.

The strange thing is that I first owned a Nuc with a fan but it was too noisy. The installation was a piece of cake and didn’t had this problem. Maybe Lucky?

It should be a piece of cake. I’d redo the image, maybe something went wrong the first time. Or try a different USB key.

Sounds like a flashing issue. Try again

Solved! The bios wasn’t in the right mode. Did some reading and now ROCK is running.


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