Can't listen to BBC Radio 3 - Can't find its status - New user can't find instructions for Roon Live Radio

Is there a way to find the status of a specific radio station? I can search but a search for “BBC radio” comes up with nothing. There are several ‘BBC radio x’ icons that can be accessed. I can’t find any specific instructions for using this feature.

Go to the sidebar > Browse > Live Radio > Categories > Locations > United Kingdom and there should be many BBC stations (even if you are not in the UK). You can filter for “BBC” with the funnel icon, top right, or apply other criteria by clicking the globe icon.

Or in any view in Roon, click the search icon top right (magnifying glass) and search for BBC radio, then scroll down on the results page to the Live Radio results and click the More button. There should also be a lot there, I see 30 BBC stations in the search results (here in Germany). I don’t have BBC Radio 3, though, and there may be geographic restrictions by BBC. Clicking any of these station icons gets you to the respective page where you can click Play and sometimes choose between different quality streams.

The Live Radio help is here on the Roon help pages:

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Searching for ‘bbc radio’ will return those radio stations which have ‘bbc’ and ‘radio’ in their names or descriptions. Roon will return the first 50 of these (and in the uk Radio 3 wasn’t in that list).

Easiest is to search for the full name ‘bbc radio 3’ - that should work.

Alternatively, @Suedkiez 's method should work.

Thank you for the suggestions. I was able to get to live radio/categories/location/UK and did find many BBC stations. Unfortunately Radio 3 was not one of them. I am in the US. I think there are instructions to request the folks who maintain live radio to look into adding it. I shall do that. I think, too, that Radio 3 is making changes to their streaming technology.
Thanks also for pointing me to the Roon Labs Help Center.

Did you try using the magnifying glass to search for bbc radio 3? There should be a 96k aac stream for non UK users.

And indeed I have that here in Germany, but as Brian says must be searched for with the full name @Art_Cuneo, because else it is not within the first 30 that are listed when by just searching for BBC Radio

If a station needs adding, I think you can simply open a topic in #live-radio (same category as this current topic):

Just to confirm, “bbc radio 3” is there and works in the US, so does not need to be added.
I searched for the full name and found it.

Also just to confirm you are searching using the magnifying glass and not the filter?

I am listening to it now:

I found “bbc radio 3” today. It plays fine. I can’t prove that I searched for it by its full name yesterday before I posted my issue; I may have been careless. Thanks for taking the time to look into my issue. The community has been very responsive and helpful.


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