Can't load desktop version of Tidal

I have solved my problem of no Desktop version of Tidal by adding my PI now have desktop Tidal and Roon on one machine.
I look on Tidal and see a Mahler album but cannot access it through Roon. I asked for help and got a Email from a user stating he could easily find it on his system.
I find this unhelpful and it strikes me as a dereliction of duty by Roon similar to the behaviour of Photoshop.

This is a forum for Roon, not the Tidal app. I would ask Tidals support. Or are you referring to Tidal in Roons app? It’s not clear from your post

Hey Simon:
Please to meet a member of the Roon Police.
Roon and Tidal are intertwined to some extent. I wish all I needed was the Tidal within Roon but it doesn’t show all the MQA. I don’t agree with your advice. I can download Tidal laptop or whatever the full version is called on my wife’s laptop but want that version on mine.
Dr. B

I suppose the only limitation is that you can only play tracks from one device / app at the time using the same account. You can be logged in from multiple devices / apps though. I am running Tidal on iOS, macOS and Roon