Can't locate "Enable MQA core decoder"


The instructions for setting up MQA encoded content in Roon 1.8 (Build 987) see below:

“If you’d like Roon to unfold your MQA encoded content, you’ll need to visit Settings => Audio => Gear Icon for your device => Show Advanced => Enable MQA core decoder.”

Do not correspond to what I see when I click on the Gear Icon of my device. I don’t see anything that says “Show Advanced”.

Where would I find this / why am I not getting this?


There are no advanced options available for your device? You have to scroll down to see Show advanced (Show advanced is usually the last entry at the bottom)?

What device?
Post screenshots of what you see.

Yes, it was off my screen and I didn’t know there was more below.

The lack of scrollbars in many screens is a pain. I reported that in the past. If content is completely invisible and not cut off, it’s impossible to see that there is more

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I have a similar issue, I cannot locate the Enable MQA core decoder. Roon was unwrapping Tidal MQA and sending to the Aries G2. The Chord was showing increased sampling rates by the colour change. Just stopped working, from my screen grab you can see advanced but why you try to select the menu doesnt open so I cannot check or enable the core decoder. Any ideas or suggestions? Running all the updates.