Can't log in to Qobuz thru Roon but can log in directly on Qobuz site

Hello, I am new here so thanks in advance for anyone who might have some insight on how to get this problem solved. I have been using Qobuz thru Roon for a year now, it’s been great. All of a sudden I open Roon a couple days ago, and it shows no streaming service. So i attempt to log into Qobuz within Roon “Services” and it tells me “there was an unexpected error, please check your account details”. So after multiple log in attempts , all failed, I hit the free trial button. It flashed me to the Qobuz site which tells me to the effect “No firewalls or VPN’s allowed”. I have changed nothing the entire time I have had Qobuz, and I have no VPN or Firewall, All my Roon software on streamer and computer are up to date, as always. Any idea how I get this solved?

Reboot everything you can reboot, especially your router.

Also, what OS are you running Roon on?